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Electronic Identity Authentication

What is Electronic Identity Authentication?

Electronic Identity Authentication is the process of verifying someone's identity electronically through either behavioural data or questions. The data and responses received are then analysed to highlight any suspicious activity that might indicate identity fraud or money laundering. Using electronic ID authentication as a convenient method to establish identity is now becoming more widespread.

Why is Electronic Identity Authentication important?

It’s important to be able to validate your customers’ identity to help protect yourself and your stakeholders against suspicious and illegal activity including money laundering and identity fraud.

With cyber and identity crime on the rise, it is more important than ever to ensure you don’t fall foul of regulations such as Anti Money laundering (AML) schemes by working with those who are guilty of it. As well as protecting you against the illegal activity directly, it also helps reduce the risk of reputational damage that could come with it.

How can Experian help with Electronic Identity Authentication?