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Front-End Contact Verification

What is Front-End Contact Verification?

Front-End Contact Verification is where the contact data such as address, email and mobile numbers that a customer provides you with are validated as they are entered. Front-end refers to the part of the system that interacts with the user including webforms and call centres.

This will usually be achieved using data capture software which will check any data that is entered against various datasets as well as common syntax errors – helping to ensure that any data that enters your database is up to date and accurate.

How can Front-End Contact Verification help?

Front-End Contact Verification ensures that any data entering your systems is of high quality, helping to maintain the integrity of your database. It is a key part of any contact data management (CDM) strategy combined with back-end contact verification that helps to ensure this data is kept accurate as it decays over time.

There are several benefits of validating the contact data at the point of capture including:

  • Data is quicker and easier to correct before it enters your database where it can quickly become hard to identify.
  • When combined with intuitive software, it can provide a more seamless checkout experience for your customers.
  • Protecting the integrity of your database from the start means you can make smarter, more data-driven decisions based on an accurate and holistic view of your customers.

How can I see Front-End Contact Verification in action?