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Front-end Contact Verification

How does front-end contact verification work?

Front-end contact verification serves as a firewall for contact databases, protecting you from recording and storing bad names and addresses. In computer speak the "front-end" is the part of the system that interacts with the user, otherwise known as the user interface.

How can front-end contact verification help?

Installing a front-end address verification solution will ensure that your organisation captures correct information about your customers. Obvious results can therefore be achieved, such as reduced costs, improved customer experience and increased efficiencies.

At Experian Data Quality, our front-end solutions enable you to have confidence in the data before it is put into the database. Front-end products with interactive functionality allow organisations to verify that addresses are 100% accurate before they enter the database.

Our address cleaning solution is a leading front-end contact verification product, empowering call centre operators and customer service representatives for example, to collect full and complete details quickly and efficiently.

Experian Data Quality's address dleaning solution is also avaliable as a web version, allowing online front-end verification of contact collection and thus improving customer experience and efficiency of your website.


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