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What does the term ‘goneaways’ mean?

Goneaways (NCOA® Suppress) is a term which describes those contacts (within your data) that have been identified to have moved "away" from the address you have them at.

Why is it important for organisations to identify goneaways?

Identifying such contacts at a data cleaning stage will prevent inaccurate mailings, wasted costs and encourage effective customer service.

The goneaway suppression data set can be run through your data at cleaning stage. Experian Data Quality's address cleaning solution can be used at the same time as suppressing contact data against such files as goneaways.

Address cleaning with suppression can be used to suppress your data against various datasets, encompassed by comprehensive data files. Data suppression files include this goneaway dataset, NCOA® Suppress, bereavement suppression and the TPS and MPS.


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