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Identity Resolution

What is Identity Resolution?

Identity Resolution is an operational intelligence process, typically powered by an identity resolution engine whereby businesses can connect separate data sources with a view to make possible identity matches and non-obvious relationships across multiple databases.

How does Identity Resolution work within an organisation?

It analyses all of the information relating to individuals and/or entities from multiple sources of data, and then applies likelihood and probability scoring to determine which identities are a match and what, if any, non-obvious relationships exist between those identities.

Why is Identity Resolution important?

Understand what actions are linked to which unique person (in a privacy-compliant way) is a key step to achieving an effective Single Customer View (SCV). By recognising actions from a person both offline and online over several channels, you can begin to build a complete picture of that person and their engagements with your company – allowing for more effective profiling and tailored communications.

How can you begin to build a successful SCV?