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Information Management Process

What is an information management process?

An information management process is the method an organisation uses to acquire or retrieve, organise and maintain information. Data management holds a key role in the information management process as ensuring the data you capture and hold is vital if you are to extract value from it.

The information your organisation holds will be complex and come from a variety of different sources, for example customer data from dealing with queries online or over the phone, employee details and contact details for target prospects. Managing this data consistently across multiple departments can be a challenge. A good information management process will enable you to recognise the value of your organisation's data and identify gaps or problems with your data quality.

How is an information management process linked to data management?

With businesses today capturing and holding more data than ever before, it is vital processes are put in place to ensure the data you capture is accurate and the data you store remains up to date. If you are looking to improve your information management process, ensure you understand the current state of your data.


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