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National Change Of Address

What is National Change Of Address (NCOA)?

The National Change of Address (NCOA) is a dataset that is sourced from the Royal Mail’s redirection service that keeps track of customers who move house. The end user (customer) chooses to supply a new address when they move house or business so that they can continue to receive post. There are over 23 million records in the NCOA® Update file, and it is growing by 1.2 million every year.

Why is the National Change of Address dataset useful?

On average 11% of the UK's population move every year, that equals 18,000 a day – this shows how quick your database that you worked hard to build, can decay and become less and less effective. By cleansing your database using the NCOA, you can:

  • Better maintain customer relationships with those who move, by keeping in contact.
  • Reduce costs through wastage caused by inaccurate communications.
  • Reduce the risk of sending potentially sensitive information to the wrong person.

What other data can I use to keep my database clean?