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What is Pointer?

Pointer is a Northern Ireland dataset with fully standardised geo-referenced address data. Collected from various sources and managed by the OSNI/Land & Property Services in Northern Ireland.

Pointer is the address database with the joint support of Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSNI), the Valuation & Lands Agency (VLA) and Royal Mail.

With over 800,000 address records, Pointer is now the most comprehensive and authoritative address database for Northern Ireland. Each record adheres to a common address standard and every property has a Unique Property Reference Number.


What does Pointer data do?


There is now a common standard address for every property in Northern Ireland, each with a unique reference number and geo-spatial coordinates. Pointer provides infrastructural support to private and public sector organisations a like. It allows for quick and accurate sharing and analysis of data and supports a wide range of value added applications.

Pointer has been created through a process of complex data matching and intensive ground validation across Northern Ireland in order to maximise the accuracy of the dataset.


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