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What is Postcomm?

Postcomm, or the Postal Services Commission, is the independent regulator for the UK postal services established in 2000 under the Postal Services Act 2000. Postcomm also acts as an advisor to the government on the post office network.

What does Postcomm do?

The main function of Postcomm is to protect the universal postal service, provided by the Royal Mail.

The Universal Service allows people in the UK to send letters and parcels, to any part of the country, for the same, affordable, price. It also ensures a daily collection of all post boxes and post offices and daily, working day, delivery to every address in the UK.

The Postal Services Commission is also responsible for ensuring postal operators remain efficient and protects the interests of the users of postal services. In addition to this, Postcomm regulates the Royal Mail by controlling their prices and the quality of their services and licences other postal operators.

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