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Remove Duplicates

What does the process of removing duplicates involve? 

Business collect data through multiple channels including online, face to face or in call centres. As customers engage through various different touch points they will enter their details more than once. This in turn means that organisations will hold more than one record for that person.

Identifying and removing these duplicate records from your contact databases will play an essential part in maintaining data quality. Without managing this process effectively it is hard for an organisation to get a true view of their contact base and manage their databases efficiently.

Duplicate records can be easily removed using tools that find and merge duplicate records in an existing database and prevent new ones from entering it.


Why is it important to remove duplicate records from my database?

Having duplicate records makes it difficult to make informed business decisions that could save your organisation time and money. Removing duplicate data also avoids the costly issue of sending multiple mailings to the same person which not only leads to wasted costs but also poor brand perception.

Identifying and merging duplicate records also ensures that you are working towards a single customer view (SCV) which allows an organisation to have one accurate view of all its customers across all channels. Having an SCV ultimately empowers you to improve customer engagement across all touch points and make business wide strategic decisions that will help achieve operational efficiencies.


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