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Responsible Mail

What is Responsible Mail?

Royal Mail Responsible Mail® is a service operated by Royal Mail Wholesale (RMW). It offers organisations the opportunity to benefit from lower prices by posting direct mail that is classed as environmentally friendly. Alongside the increased ROI this brings, the Royal Mail Responsible Mail® service means that businesses can also demonstrate their environmental credentials to their own customers and contribute to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scores.

Organisations that send direct mail (letter and large letter formats) can qualify for this service if they meet certain criteria:

  • They must ensure that mailings are sent to relevant, up-to-date lists of addresses.
  • The mailing itself has been created using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.

Royal Mail can advise on this and will ask customers to provide samples of their mail.

Why is having good data quality important for those who wish to use the Responsible Mail service?

Holding inaccurate data means that often mailings may not reach their intended destination. Inaccuracies can occur for various reasons such as user error at the point of capture. Equally, data can become out of date as people move and it is important to take measures to avoid mailing to goneaways or the deceased. Minimising poorly targeted mail means that organisations can reduce their environmental impact by reducing wastage which ultimately helps to save money.

Using data quality tools could help those wishing to take advantage of the Royal Mail Responsible Mail® service. These tools can ensure that the address data they hold is relevant and up to date by validating details at the point of capture, cleaning and deduplicating existing records and suppressing unwanted records.

How can you keep your address data accurate?