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Single Customer View

What is a Single Customer View?

Whatever industry you are in, due to the complexity of all relationships you have with your customer base, achieving a Single Customer View is imperative. Creating a single customer view means that all the data you have about your customer must be stored and consolidated into one single record on your database. Having one single record means you can get a better understanding of your customers, meaning marketing can be more targeted because you know their last touchpoints and interactions with your organisation.

Organisations will often hold multiple records for one same contact. This can be due to the multiple touch points that your customers face when dealing with your organisation. Be it collecting data online, face to face or over the phone in call centres, you will need to identify where duplicates exist, and clean your data records.


What are the benefits of a Single Customer View?

A Single Customer View gives you greater insight into your customer, their behaviours, how they like to interact meaning you can optimise your marketing communications to best suit them. It also helps businesses to can make accurate business decisions underpinned by reliable data.

Achieving a Single Customer View isn’t easy however the investment will be repaid in enhanced customer understanding, customer retention and improved ROI on marketing investment. Experian Data Quality offer a range of data services to support you in your journey to achieve an SCV. For more information, you why not request a data health check?


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