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What is UDPRN?

The UDPRN (Unique Delivery Point Reference Number) is a Dataplus set, introduced in 2004 by the Royal Mail.

UDPRNs are an eight digit unique numeric code for delivery points on the PAF file. UDPRNs are assigned to each delivery point to give a specific designation to a delivery address. The UDPRN is assigned to the delivery point until that delivery point is deleted, or destroyed. At that point the delivery point is also deleted from PAF, assuring that each number remains uniquely correlated to a delivery point.

How can UDPRN help my business?

UDPRN is one of our dataplus sets and is well suited for any customer who requires a unique premise identifier. It is particularly valuable for organisations working in delivery and logistics, shipments, site work, and anyone who needs to identify a delivery point correctly the first time, every time.


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