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What is an update?


Experian Data Quality validation tools work by matching data against key reference data sets such as the Royal Mail PAF file. Doing this ensures that the data held by an organisation is accurate and up to date. Data however is consistently evolving as people create new email addresses, move house etc so it is important that the reference data used within our data quality tools is always as up to date as possible. When you purchase data quality tools you will also purchase licences for the data files that you need depending on your requirements. Each data file is periodically updated and it’s important for you to receive updated files as soon as they are available to be confident in the quality of your data.

How do I receive updates?

Experian Data Quality issues data updates electronically by a process called Electronic Updates (EU). In cases where this is not possible disks are sent out in the post. Each dataset is updated at different times and so you will receive data updates at adhoc periods according to your requirements, normally this is on a monthly or half yearly basis. These updates essentially add to the data covered by the data quality software you purchased.

The Electronic Updates process allows you to download your updates over the internet as soon as they are available and then installs them within your data quality application. This includes everything that you hold license for including datasets, additional datasets and DataPlus sets (including Suppression data). Updates can be configured to just download data or to automatically install and activate in your applications. If required this process can be scheduled at times that suit you best.


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