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Data Management

Moving beyond the data quality essentials

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Experian’s modern, innovative data management products are designed to empower your organisation to do more with all your data – whether that’s customer, product, asset or any other domain – in less time.

Our data management products are designed to enable the modern data practitioner to take their organisation’s data maturity to the next level.

As a seasoned Data Migration consultant the ability to rapidly perform a comprehensive assessment of the quality of my client’s data and provide the visual insights directly to the business community is incredibly powerful.

DTA Consulting Limited - Independent UK Data Migration Consultancy

Only Aperture Data Studio combines self-service data quality with globally curated data sets. This allows data practitioners to build the most consistent, accurate, and holistic views of consumer data available. Data Studio is a modern, self-service data management platform which combines data quality, data enrichment, customer data verification services, and de-duplication in an easy-to-use workflow environment. The system is fast to install and users will be building their own workflows in a matter of hours. 

Aperture Data Studio allows for the combination of your data with licensed data from Experian, with a few simple clicks. This allows for the continuous verification of customer data to improve communications, and for the enrichment of your data with demographic, address, geographic, and political information, enhancing analysis and targeting. 

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Experian Aperture Data Studio


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