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Experian Pandora Supported Platforms

Whatever your hardware choices…


  • Experian Pandora is a Java software product which runs on most 32-bit & 64-bit operating systems.
  • Experian Pandora can analyse and transform data from any platform because it uses JDBC connectors as well as directly accessing flat files and Excel spread-sheets.
  • Experian Pandora Server components do not require the use of an explicit server platform and will run quite happily on commodity hardware or even Windows workstations.
  • Experian Pandora Client runs on Windows workstations.
  • Other Operating Systems are available on request provided the platform in question has support for a Java Virtual Machine that conforms to the Java 6 SE specification.
  • Experian Pandora is completely self contained, with its own repository and its own embedded Web-server. The only other thing you need is data!