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Bulk Email Address Cleaning

Trust your email database

In a world where email is so commonly the first point of contact for so many, having up-to-date and accurate customer email addresses is more vital than ever. The ability to contact a customer or prospect in a timely manner is essential for marketing, sales, customer service, finance, and more.

Our bulk email cleansing solutions verify business domains, consumer domains like Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and more - automatically identifying misspellings, typo traps, and illegitimate domain detection.

How it works

1) User enters email

As the email is entered the live process is kicked off

2) Format check

We check the email is properly formatted 

3) Domain check

We confirm the domain then we ping them to verify the address

4) Validated email

The email address is validated and passes through the form

Ways to use bulk list cleansing

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