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Real-time Email Validation

Boost the effectiveness of your emails

Email data you can trust

By validating customer emails at the point they are entered, incorrect details are flagged right away ensuring your customer data is fit for purpose. 

Improve the bounce rates of your email communications so you can maintain your customer relationships as well as make sure you stay in the 'good books' of the internet service providers (ISPs).

Find out more in our email validation guide or see it firsthand with the demo below.

Why validate customer data?

Better customer relationships with faster and more accurate communications

Get a higher return on your campaign investment with better delivery rates

Improve your sender reputation, decreasing the chances of your emails being marked as spam

How it works

1) User enters email

As the email is entered the live process is kicked off

2) Format check

We check the email is properly formatted 

3) Domain check

We confirm the domain then we ping them to verify the address

4) Validated email

The email address is validated and passes through the form

Which choice is best for you?

How has email capture helped other organisations?

digitalbox case study - real-time email capture

digitalbox saved £75,000 in marketing spend using real-time email validation.

Explore the case study and find out how using email validation has seen a virtually instantaneous improvement to digitalbox's services.

Read the digitalbox case study

Want to find out more about email capture?