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Data Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Drive greater value from your Microsoft investment

Why protect your contact data?

  • Single Customer View – Increase the opportunity for customer up-sell and cross-sell capabilities with an accurate view of your customers
  • Lower Costs – Reduce unexpected costs related to your system by ensuring all your data is fit for purpose
  • Improve Process Efficiency – See tangible improvements to your supply chain and operational efficiency with accurate data

How the integration helps

  • Customisable contact data quality solution that validates address, email and mobile contact in real-time
  • Bulk address validation available to support uplift in quality of legacy data
  • Access to over 200 enhanced reference datasets (including global data)
  • Superior support from our In-house consulting team and award-winning customer support executives
  • Solution certified by Microsoft

Useful resources

Find out more about our data quality solutions for Microsoft Dynamics

  • Comprehensive contact data quality solution
  • Real-time and batch functionality
  • Certified and seamlessly integrated
  • Compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 up to the current Dynamics365
  • International reference data available
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