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Global contact data validation for Salesforce

Maximise your Salesforce investment with accurate and verified contact data

As a certified Salesforce App, our tool seamlessly integrates into Salesforce to ensure only accurate contact data enters your CRM application. Our Salesforce integration allows you to quickly capture, validate and enhance valuable address, email and mobile phone numbers with global data coverage. 

Capturing accurate contact data, every time

• Real-time address, email and phone validation services are provided at the point of entry when creating or editing records, without disrupting end user workflow

• Bulk mode address cleaning to correct any inaccuracies in your database - ideal for cleaning list imports or running regular data audits. Validation status and timestamp enables improved analytics, reporting and decision making

Beyond validation - understanding your customers

• Did you know that, unlike our competitors, our validation solutions append Experian’s industry-leading data to customer and prospect records?

• From demographic, behavioral and household to life event, geographic and grid data, our solutions helps you to better understand your customers and gain invaluable insights.

• Our video highlights how our Salesforce integration can enhance your data, and add value to your existing investment. 

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Cut operational costs

  • Accurate data will increase your ROI through improved decision making, and smoother process flows due to error reduction
  • Reduce invoice and payment delays, shipping fees, agent handling times and other operational inefficiencies

Sales efficiencies

  • Improve your customer insight and advance profiling and targeting efforts to unlock greater customer understanding
  • Reduce the time it takes you to enter a complete and accurate address and remove the potential for human errors

Enhanced analysis

  • Automatically populated validation status and timestamp field provide an audit trail and insight into the validity of your records within Salesforce, further improving tracking, data analysis and reporting


Learn more about our Salesforce integrations and how to improve the data quality of your prospect and customer records

Not only did the Experian Data Quality solution reduce the amount of mail we got back as “return to sender,” but it also sped up our address capture process and brought peace of mind to our clients.

Martin Keating - Snow Companies

Find out how easy it is to implement

Get the app

Find out more about Global contact data validation for Salesforce

  • Complete contact data quality solution (address, email and phone)
  • Point of entry and bulk validation modes
  • Reduce keystrokes by up to 80%
  • Global coverage (240 countries)
  • Compatible with Sales and Service Cloud, as well as Standard and Custom objectives and custom Visualforce pages
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