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Products to help you drive value from your data

Products for data management

Moving beyond data quality

Experian’s modern, innovative data management products are designed to empower your organisation to do more with all your data – whether that’s contact, product, asset or any other domain – in less time.

Kick-start your data management

Products for data validation

Drive up your contact data quality

Connect with your customers confidently using trustworthy contact data. Choose Address, Email, Mobile, or all three. Capture in real time via Web forms and CRMs, or post-validate in bulk. 

Start validating your data

Products to integrate

Manage the integrity of your CRM and ERP data

See our range of integrations designed to embed data quality technology into the heart of your application driving a seamlessly automated experience for the user.

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Data to append

Add value to your organisation’s data

Append business, government or consumer data to the information you collect to increase its value to your business. Experian provides over 900 additional data attributes that can be appended to your data.

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