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Experian Pandora

Rapid time to value, exceptional ease of use, outstanding performance - introducing Experian Pandora, the next generation solution for tackling your data quality, data governance and data migration initiatives.

What is Experian Pandora?

Why do you need Experian Pandora?

High quality data can help your organisation:

  • Reduce costs and increase revenue
  • Meet the highest standards of regulatory compliance
  • Deliver on time IT projects and decrease operational waste

Experian Pandora helps you to rapidly deliver data-driven initiatives, such as data quality, data governance and data migration, using a pioneering, high performance, end-to-end data management platform.

Why is Experian Pandora so different?

Experian Pandora stands out for its pioneering correlation architecture, delivering exceptional scalability, functionality and ease of use.

Complex data processing tasks, that can take many hours or even days with other solutions, can be executed literally in seconds using Experian Pandora.

Delivering rapid time-to-value has been a key mission since the product was conceived and customers cite the huge gains in productivity they witness across the organisation, often within the first days of deploying Experian Pandora.

You can deploy Experian Pandora very quickly. Business users like it because it is easy to get to grips with and it is straightforward and easy to use.

Richard O'Neill Data Quality Manager, Financial Times

Experian Pandora Solutions

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  • Provides groundbreaking performance and ease of use
  • Installs in minutes and requires zero administrative resource
  • Requires minimal training and delivers rapid time to value


"Immediate visibility into what is really happening with our data has presented incredibly valuable insights. Pandora is incredibly quick and it’s very intuitive."
Steven Miles Data Quality Manager, Speedy Hire Plc