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Free Data Quality Health Check for Pension Providers

The introduction of the Pensions Dashboard presents a transformative opportunity for the pensions industry, driving greater public engagement and boosting long-term savings.

Up-to-date, valid and accurate customer data is right at the heart of whether the dashboard will be a success, however data quality is often a challenge for providers. Did you know 1 in 8 pensions has the wrong address attached to it?*

It is essential pension providers tackle this challenge and focus on improving the quality of their customer data.

To get you started we’re offering providers a free health check demonstrating our findings on the quality of your own data and areas for improvement. This health check, leveraging the most comprehensive reference data available as well as our software and tools, includes:

  • Completeness of your data
  • Validity of addresses and contact details
  • Number of unique individuals identified irrespective of name or address changes
  • Number of deceased or gone-away individuals identified
  • Number of individuals that can be tracked to latest address

Fill in your details and one of our team will be in touch to book your health check. 

Or if you have any queries around how the health check works, please also fill in your details and we can answer your questions and find a solution which suits your needs.



* Experian Data cleanse exercises with Pension providers 2017-2018


Book your free health check today to understand the state of your data

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