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Cleveland Police

Enabling positive policing: a golden nominal solution

This pioneering project sees Experian Data Quality partner with Cleveland Police to create a golden view of data held on individuals and locations. Championed by Superintendent, Alastair Simpson and the Force Data Protection Manager, Maria Hopper, the solution is expected to drive large financial savings and increased positive policing outcomes. 


As budgets become tighter, forces are being challenged to find more efficiency in every aspect of policing, without compromising on outcomes. This project is projected to:

  • Save £250,000per annum
  • Add valuable insight to every interaction enabling accurate and comprehensive risk based decision making
  • Allow swifter MOPI, FOI and DPA compliance

As a first of its kind, the project has been recognised at national level, gaining approval from the Home Office for co-funding from its innovation budget.


Within command and control and out in the field, data is often collected under pressing timescales. This, combined with a customer base that commonly provides erroneous data, has resulted in the duplication of individuals across the Force’s systems.

The consequences of this are two-fold:

  • Operational : Duplicate records present difficulties to those using the crime or command and control systems to find accurate information quickly in order to respond in the most appropriate, informed way.
  • Efficiency:  A high level of time and resource is involved in manually linking and managing duplicate records within the systems and delivering on MOPI regulatory requirements.


Experian’s solution provides a true golden nominal at the front end which is updated daily to prevent poor data quality and duplication. It meets requirements in 3 key areas:

  • Cleaning and matching existing data:Automated maintenance of the golden nominal using Experian verified reference data is provided via intelligent, reversible matching rules.
  • Accessibility to the golden nominal at the front end: Visibility of the golden nominal to all users at point of entry offers increased intelligence for deployment of resources and reduced data entry time.
  • More flexible business reporting:Increased access to reporting offers intelligence for better delivery on MOPI legislation requirements.


Cleveland expect:

  • More than a 95% reduction in duplicates that were an exact match, which resulted in a further minimum reduction of 20% of duplicates identified through fuzzy matching
  • Efficiency savings projected to be in excess of £250k per year through reduction in time spent inputting, processing, reviewing and amending data
  • Greater ability to add valuable insight to interactions with customers and criminal investigations
  • Wider community benefits from having the ability to base decision making on more accurate insight
  • On-going data governance best practice for Cleveland Police and the opportunity for replication across other Forces

This solution offers Cleveland Police a clear opportunity to deliver tangible benefits. Operationally we’ll be able drive real efficiencies and also provide an even better response in terms of speed, efficiency and appropriateness. Importantly however, having improved confidence in our data allows us to deliver real benefits to the community because with better insight comes better decision making on how we allocate the right resource where it’s really needed.

Maria Hopper Data Protection Manager, Cleveland Police

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