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How does real-time email capture help other organisations?

digitalbox case study - real-time email capture

digitalbox saved £75,000 in marketing spend using real-time email validation.

It provides scalable and highly accurate email address validation in real time. With its plug and play functionality, it took just one hour to implement the solution and allows digitalbox to identify incorrect email addresses almost instantaneously.

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Are you struggling with email deliverability? Do you know the true cost of sending to bad email addresses and the impact is has on your customer relationships? In a digital society, the importance of email as a communication tool cannot be understated. In fact, 83% of U.S. organizations ranked email as their primary communication channel. Ensuring you collect and send to accurate email addresses plays an important role in your wider strategy, protecting your sender reputation and ensuring your emails reach the intended audience. Internet Service Providers are the email deliverability gatekeepers and they decide if your email communications will reach their intended destination. They base their decisions on your sender reputation. Have a good reputation and more of your emails will get through, which is great news for your customers and prospects. Have a bad reputation, and you'll struggle to hit those inboxes. Poor email deliverability will not only hamper your ability to communicate with your customers, but could land you in hot water with regulators as well, threating your ability to continue leveraging the email channel and damaging your bottom line. Email Verification from Experian Data Quality can help. Our solution validates email address in real-time. It determines if an email is accurate and valid before mailing to it. Contact our team today.

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