As a data quality analyst, you are the driving force to create a long-term strategy for data quality management and maturity. It’s a complex and demanding role. We built Aperture Data Studio from the ground up to help the modern, proactive data quality analyst meet the complex challenges they face. Data Studio allows you to perform a complete range of data quality, data governance, and data management functions - but without the need for weeks of training and implementation.

Explore the brochure and find out how you can use this platform to drive your data quality initiatives. Aperture Data Studio provides:

A common platform for not only automating the discovery of data quality rules but enabling them to be stored, shared and executed

  • An interactive dashboard that presents data quality metrics
  • A single platform for you to implement data stewardship responsibilities, security profiles, workflows and more
  • The ability to add unique Experian data sets, allowing you to verify customer data as it enters your database.
Download the data quality guide