Only Aperture Data Studio combines self-service data quality with globally curated data sets. This allows modern data practitioners to build the most consistent, accurate, and holistic views of consumer data available. As such, the system is designed to help you tackle your most pressing challenges around gaining a single customer view and improving day-to-day data quality to promote operational efficiency and improved accuracy in reporting. The platform empowers you to take control, to discover, profile, harmonise, and transform your data with our modern data management platform.

Explore the brochure to find out more about how Experian Aperture Data Studio rapidly delivers speed to value:

Minimal training needed - you can create sophisticated data management routines and share them with colleagues in a few hours with embedded guided walk-throughs

Drag-and-drop workflow, making profiling, enriching, harmonising, and transforming your data quick and easy

Leverage Experian’s unique customer and business data sets to enrich the data you hold even further


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