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Bureau Data Services

Drive better customer relationships with accurate data

Customer data decays a lot faster than you probably realise. According to the Post Office, every day in the UK around 9,500 households move, 1,400 people get married, and over 1,500 people pass away. Our bureau cleansing services help you keep your data trustworthy through one-off or regular cleansing.

Why regularly cleanse your data with us?

Ease of use

Even if you have limited IT resource or tightly controlled processes, our experts can process the data for you.

No training required

Start gaining value from your data quality investment as quickly as possible, with no time needed for training.

Quick turnaround

Our data processing environments are designed to return data to you in a timely manner to meet your deadlines.

Key stages of the service

Profiling your data

We assess the state of your data by reviewing format, frequency of values, and integrity across entities.

Duplicate consolidation

We identify duplicate records in your data and cluster them together. We can also help with automatic detection of survivor records (from each cluster) or even generation of a best/golden record (if required).

Validating contact data

We clean your address, email, mobile, and landline data to ensure it is standardised, complete, and accurate.

Enhance and suppress

Append information to your records to add insight whilst also identifying those who are deceased, as well as goneaways.

Useful resources for you

Start cleansing your data with us today


  • Profiling and root cause analysis
  • Tailored stages to meet your data needs
  • Identification of duplicates
  • Global address cleaning
  • Additional data and suppression
  • Mobile, email and landline validation
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