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Bureau Data Services

Drive better customer relationships with accurate data

Benefits of our data services

Ease of use

If you have limited IT resource or tightly controlled processes for implementing or installing software, our data quality experts can process the data for you.

No training required

Your team can focus on what they do best, safe in the knowledge that our data quality experts are working on helping you get the most out of your data.

Quick turnaround times

Our data processing environments are designed to ensure that we can return data to you in a timely manner to meet your project deadlines.

Key stages of the data service

  • Data profiling and integrity analysis. Understand the state of your data by reviewing data types, format and value frequency and integrity of data across entities.
  • Duplicate identification. Understand the volume of duplicate records in your contact data and remove them safely. A wide range of data can be used to match customer records such as name, address, date of birth, telephone and email.
  • Global address cleaning. Clean your address records against reference data assets helping you to ensure that all details held are in a standardised and complete format whilst being at a validated UK or international address.
  • Additional data and suppression. Append additional information to your customer records, such as geographical information, geo-demographics and geo-firmographics, as part of the service to add insight to your data and decision making whilst also suppressing those who have moved or passed away
  • Mobile, email and landline (validation and append). Validate the quality of the mobile phone numbers, landline numbers and email addresses your organisation holds. Receive  a detailed breakdown of invalid information by provider and append these data elements where information is not currently available


Find out more about data services


  • Profiling and root cause analysis
  • Tailored stages to meet your data needs
  • Identification of duplicates
  • Global address cleaning
  • Additional data and suppression
  • Mobile, email and landline validation
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