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Data Governance

Helping you to thrive in a regulated world

Assess how trustworthy your data is

The volume, variety and veracity of data the average business holds is higher than ever and is continuing to grow, making meeting the requirements of data regulations (such as the GDPR) increasingly difficult. Experian offers support to help you improve and regain control of your data throughout your organisation in line with your own governance policies.

How does our data governance service help?

Proactive preparation

Ensure your customer data is fit for purpose and well maintained, helping you to thrive under regulatory conditions.


A holistic approach to data quality means you’ll spend less time and money on manual and ad-hoc activities.

Up-to-date data

Data is a valuable asset. By empowering users to implement processes, you can ensure it remains accurate over time.

How our service helps

  • Understand the state of your data and the steps to improve it (through services such as our GDPR Data Integrity Assessment).
  • Receive a data process assessment recommending data structure and process flow improvements.
  • Data prioritisation places value on data based on core growth and compliance objectives.
  • Data governance benchmarking will help you understand how your organisation compares against best practice.
  • Receive a report providing a complete picture of your data processes, systems and data flows in place with our recommendations.

GDPR Data Integrity Assessment

To help organisations comply with the GDPR in particular, we have the GDPR Data Integrity Assessment. We look at the accuracy, integrity, and relationships within your data to identify risks that may be present, and give you a detailed report with a list of recommendations.


Book your assessment

Useful resources for you

Arrange a data governance scoping meeting


  • Understand the true value of your data across domains
  • Data governance benchmarking
  • Complete data governance report
  • Recommendations on how to improve current practices
  • Customised stages tailored to your organisation’s needs
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