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Data Strategy Services

What are the benefits of using a data quality strategy service?

  • Improve operational efficiency by identifying where poor data quality processes are costing the organisation money
  • Gain competitive advantage by understanding how your data management processes relate to industry best practice
  • Maximise the value of your data and ensure your strategy is aligned to key organisational objectives   

Data Strategy services in detail

The Experian Data Quality Consultancy for Data Strategy service comprises of a number of customised stages and outputs based around your key focus areas as an organisation - these are outlined below. These stages can be delivered as individual modules or as a complete service depending on where you are in the development of your data strategy. The initial portion of the service will involve a scoping exercise to understand the current situation along with the key objectives of your organisation.

  • Data Quality Assessment allows you to understand the current state of your data in terms of format and accuracy against a comprehensive range of reference data. In addition, an assessment of structural relationship integrity is provided across data entities where applicable.
  • Data Process Assessment involves a range of onsite interviews with key application users and managers with a view to clarifying and making recommendations around data structure and process flows
  • Data Prioritisation utilises the Experian Data Value Chain methodology to put a value on data based on core growth and compliance objectives
  • Creation of the Data Strategy Roadmap outlining and prioritising key recommendations and steps that need to be taken to bring data strategy in line with organisational objectives and expectations
  • A Data Governance Maturity Model is also available to help you understand how your organisation compares in terms of current maturity along with a roadmap to reach the desired state of maturity.  


Find out more about Data Strategy services

Developing a coherent data strategy can be a challenge for most organisations. There is a clear need to develop and align your long term plan of action around data quality with your organisation's key objectives, whether that be around increasing customer engagement, driving increased profitability or reducing risk. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start if there is no specific data strategy in place for your organisation and if you have no way of benchmarking how mature your data quality processes are.

If your organisation is actively interested in building a data quality strategy with a view towards data governance then Experian Data Quality is the ideal partner

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