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Real-Time Address Capture

Whether you’re collecting data via a website or over the phone, our real-time address validation tools will ensure only consistent and complete addresses enter your database.

How address capture works

Options for real-time address capture

How does real-time address capture help other organisations?

Cancer Research saves time and money with real-time address capture.

Their websites are an important link with supporters. When users request information or wish to make a donation, they are prompted to enter their postcode. Real-time postcode validation software provides the remainder of the address, making data input easier for the user, and at the same time captures valuable and accurate contact information first time.

Read the Cancer Research case study

Why choose address capture?

  • Complete and accurate addresses are returned from minimal information
  • Full addresses can be pasted into an underlying application
  • Addresses are formatted to a standard you specify
  • Access to international address data files
  • Available in English, French, German and Dutch

Address capture just works — before we adopted the SaaS solution, postcode look up software was a headache — today, I don’t even need to think about it. I know it’s doing exactly what we want it to and if we need help, my Experian Data Quality team is always on hand.

Cancer Research UK

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