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Real-time Email Validation

How it works


User enters an email

This is a live process that kicks off in real time as the user enters the email.


Syntax check

We check to see that the address is well formed.


Check domain server

This is where we check to see if the domain has a mail server.


Request to send mail

Now we ping the domain to see if it is accepting mail.


Email validated

The email address is validated and passes through the form.

Options for Real-Time Email Validation

How does real-time email capture help other organisations?

digitalbox case study - real-time email capture

digitalbox saved £75,000 in marketing spend using real-time email validation.

It provides scalable and highly accurate email address validation in real time. With its plug and play functionality, it took just one hour to implement the solution and allows digitalbox to identify incorrect email addresses almost instantaneously.

Read the digitalbox case study


  • Powerful technology that instantly verifies business, consumer and international domains
  • Flexible implementation options that can be used everywhere email addresses are collected
  • Corrections logic to identify misspellings and typo traps
  • Illegitimate and disposable domain detection to protect your email list from harmful addresses
  • Enterprise-grade solution hosted in Experian data centers and protected by Experian security standards that ensures your data is always protected
Need to validate a list? Get started

Real-time email validation from Experian Data Quality

  • Superior technology to identify invalid emails before they enter your system
  • Clear, actionable email response codes
  • Flexible implementation options wherever email addresses are collected
  • Experian’s trusted secure data and privacy standards
  • Access to our email marketing and deliverability experts

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