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Data quality solutions for Oracle applications

Why protect your contact data?

  • Clearer Business Intelligence – Real-time data quality that provides clearer analysis for better decision making
  • Single view of your customers – Advanced matching and de-duplication to ensure your contact data is as accurate as possible
  • Reduce costs – Avoid the cost of replicating orders, invoices, and marketing communications due to bad data


  1. Complete contact data quality solution that validates, standardises, de-dupes and enriches address, email and mobile contact data in real-time
  2. Seamlessly integrated with a user-friendly workflow, perfect for business users
  3. Compatible with over 200 enhanced reference datasets (including global territory data)
  4. Supported by our in-house consultants and award winning customer support team
  5. Customisable UI for tailored solutions


Find out more about our data quality solutions for Oracle applications

  • Complete contact data quality solution
  • Real-time and batch functionality
  • Certified and seamlessly integrated
  • Protects your application investment
  • Oracle Platinum Partner
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