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Data Enhancement

Get a complete view of your customers and add value to your organisation’s data.

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What data is available?

Experian Data Quality’s enrichment software first verifies the contact data you are collecting, such as name, phone number, address and email. After verification, a record can be enhanced for missing or incomplete information. Over 900 data attributes can be appended based on address data.

We also offer a data enhancement tool that appends information based on IP address. Through geolocation data, this IP address location lookup is able to provide demographic information, auto market statistics, consumer lifestyle segments (i.e. Mosaic®) and more in less than a second.

Benefits of Data Enhancement

Data enhancement provides better insight into individuals at the point of interaction, allowing you to tailor messages, prioritise leads, personalise offers and improve engagement online, over-the-phone, and through marketing communications.

Features of Data Enhancement

  • Real-time customer insight for more effective decision making
  • Access to the most comprehensive marketing database available
  • Wide breadth of consumer attributes
  • Flexible implementation options
  • Experian’s secure data and privacy standards
  • Support from Experian’s data consultants

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