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Experian Mosiac V6

What is Experian Mosaic UK?

Experian Mosaic UK is a dataset that relates demographic data to postcodes. It provides an accurate understanding of the demographics, lifestyles and behaviour of all individuals and households in the UK.  

What are the key benefits of Experian Mosaic?

  • Reduce waste

Understand your customer demographic and lifestyle characteristics in order to acquire, manage and develop improve business results. profitable relationships that improve business results.

  • Personlise customer experience 

Personalise your customer experience to improve retention and increase revenue.

  • Build positive brand perception

Identify your target audience and engage with them across preferred channels to strengthen brand awareness, drive new customer acquisition and improve ROI.

  • Make intelligent decisions based on accurate data

Understand geographic concentrations of your best customers to optimise your location footprint.

What does Experian Mosaic show?

Mosaic UK provides an accurate understanding of all individuals and households in the UK. In the last couple of years there have been a number of significant and wide-ranging changes to the social fabric of the UK resulting in major changes to people’s behaviour. This phenomenon is reflected in the new mosaic classification of the UK population

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