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Multiple Residenceā„¢ Data

Identify thousands of properties behind a single front door

What are the benefits of using Multiple Residence Data?

  •  Working alongside PAFTM, it allows customers to select their individual household that share a front door
  • It holds over 750,000 records and can be easily integrated with PAF within your existing systems
  • It enables more accurate deliveries first time
  • Saves time and inefficiency with lost or missing mail, or provision of services


< Watch the short video on Multiple Residence Data from Royal Mail

Key elements of Multiple Residence Data

  • There are 750,000 multiple residences listed on the file with more than 2,000 additional records added on average each month.
  • The file includes data for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but excludes Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man
  • Multi Residence is updated on a monthly basis

Multi res data PAF

Multiple Residence Data Resources

Identify thousands of properties behind a single front door

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