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Empowering the Data Migration Leader

Practical guidance to help you plan, design and execute your next data migration

Due to the increasing drive for shorter timescales, larger volumes and more demanding migration landscapes, the pressures on the data migration leader have never been greater.

The modern data migration leader has to meet these challenges by guiding their team through a complex set of disciplines, technologies and strategies that will hopefully create a high-quality deliverable that satisfies target users and sponsors alike.

To help you lead a successful project we have prepared a series of resources that are ideally suited to the needs of the data migration lead role.

2017 Data Migration Research Study

Get the latest data migration research into the challenges faced by data migration leaders. Learn practical recommendations for a successful project.

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Easier Data Migrations - Your Project Checklist

Safeguard your efforts and validate your own approach by reading this 7 phase Data Migration Project Checklist.

Download the checklist

Data Migration Survival Guide - Part One

In this first part of two Survival Guides, the unique challenges of a Data Migration Leader are explored. Discover top tips to improve the chances of success of data migration projects.

Download the guide

How can Experian Pandora empower the data migration leader?

Experian Pandora is designed for the modern data migration leader who needs to ensure that the target environment is populated with high-quality data while ensuring effective coordination and collaboration, all to a tightly controlled budget and timescale.

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Technical overview

Webinar: How to Create a Comprehensive Data Migration Strategy

Webinar: How to prepare a pre-migration impact assessment (PMIA)

One of our associate data migration analysts was able to complete a data migration impact assessment of an entire government system in under 3 days using Experian Pandora.

With conventional approaches this would have taken weeks.

John Morris - Author of Practical Data Migration, Founder of iergo

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Experian Pandora can support your precise requirements for the project ahead.

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