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Explore your customer data with our Free Data Profiler. We're confident you'll get value, and once you've tried it, you'll want to take a look at Experian Pandora, our advanced data quality tool.

Features Free Data Profiler Experian Pandora
Automatic data profiling report
Rule-based profiling/validation (multi-system)
Dependency (consistency) & key analysis
Cross-system join, redundancy & integrity analysis
“Issues” documentation and reporting
Custom quality/validation report
Automatic inconsistency & key discovery  
Automatic relationship, redundancy & overlap discovery  
Enterprise data search (values, formats, fuzzy)  
Collaboration (multi-user, screen share, chat)  
Business terms glossary/Data inventory/Directory  
Automatic outliers analysis  
Reference data (valid values, aliases, patterns)  
Re-usable, user-defined functions  
Data transformation, cleanse, enrich, standardise & reconcile  
Data export  
Automated data extraction, transformation & export  
Data mapping document generation  
External reporting tool access to Pandora reports (via odbc)  
Financially weighted data quality measurement  
Quality reporting dimensions (e.g. complete, unique)  
Automated quality dashboard & trend reports  
Different DQ measurements for different audiences  
Apply rules to appropriate data sub-sets (true, false, ignored)  
Web-browser access to Pandora reports and information  

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