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Data Quality Fundamentals: Enabling operational improvement

Data quality can seem like a daunting task. Many businesses fail to exploit the full potential of their data but really it's all about having the right people, processes and technology in place. We have prepared a series of resources that will help focus your data quality efforts and build an action plan of how to kick start initiatives. Through our key selection of Experian resources, discover how you can increase business value by ensuring that business processes are fuelled with relevant and trusted data.

Building a business case for data quality

Getting approval for a business case can appear complex. However, this report helps identify the common challenges businesses face and identify proven strategies that will help you justify investment.

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10 Top Tips Guide

Download this guide containing 10 simple steps and you'll get real, practical advice on where to start including: measuring data quality, securing buy-in, using technology and assessing its impact.

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Discover how Schroders enabled operational improvement

Experian is helping Schroders to have an effective data management process in place. Read our case study to learn how the organisation improved not only the way their business controls and uses data but improved their wider operational processes as well.

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See how Experian Pandora brings your data to life

Improving data quality processes with Experian Pandora has many broad based business benefits. Several of the problems identified by the platform are those that would never prove obvious to existing manual, time-consuming techniques. Discover the many subtle but still profound benefits found when using Experian Pandora.

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Technical overview

Webinar: How to Create a Business Focused Data Quality Assessment

Webinar: Accurate data for better business performance

The speed with which the benefits of using Experian Pandora became apparent helped maximise the positive impact for Schroders.

Mike Law - Head of Investment Data, Schroders

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To fully appreciate how Experian Pandora can transform your data quality initatives, you need to experience the product first-hand.

Reserve a free session with one of our senior data quality experts who will explain how Experian Pandora can support your precise requirements going forward.

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