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Self-Service Data Governance

Govern your data to grow your business, stay compliant, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.

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Helping you travel the Data Governance road

Why is data governance so important?

Data is everywhere in the modern business, and organizations rely on it for everyday decision-making like never before.

As data volumes and sources grow, and as data and analytics become core to business, the need to find data, understand it, and use it properly becomes even more urgent.

The big challenge for most businesses is how can they get more value from their data without compromising integrity - this is where a data governance strategy and data governance platform can help you optimize the business value from your data.

How does your organisation benefit?

The key difference over other data governance solutions is rapid time-to-value.

Your teams need to be productive with minimal training and this is where Experian Pandora excels.

Users rave about the ease of use and productivity they gain with Experian Pandora compared to other solutions, particularly for high volume, intensive data profiling and discovery tasks.

Little wonder industry analysts rate it as the leading product in its class for architecture and analysis.

What makes Experian Pandora so different?

There are many data profiling tools but none is architected like Experian Pandora.

Experian Pandora features a unique, correlated repository that delivers massive scalability and lightning fast performance but without the hardware and administrative overhead of other solutions.

Experian Pandora is designed from the ground up to cope with modern data volumes and complexity, setting industry standards for performance, ease of use and capability.

How Experian Pandora can help your Data Governance

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Business Driven

  • Business Rules to enforce Governance Policies
  • Glossary of terms to harmonise understanding
  • Financial impact/risk


  • Full data volumes across all systems
  • Harmonisation of data to allow consistency
  • Data and metadata (Rules can combine data with access logs, definitions and audit information)

Quick time to value

  • Proactive - monitors statistically unusual data, e.g. unusual access to a sensitive file)
  • Easily adopted - minimal IT support
  • Automated processes


  • Targeted reports with actionable details and summaries
  • Auto-escalating alerts
  • Configurable audit logs

Advanced Functionality

  • Enterprise search
  • Issue Management
  • Business-friendly custom rule creation
  • Data Lineage Mapping
  • Data Provenance 

Ease of use

  • Non-technical product
  • Fast and powerful
  • Pre-loaded with useful rules


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