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Data Migrations with Experian Pandora

Reduce the risk of data migrations going over budget and delivery dates.

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Traditional data migration strategies frequently rely on time-consuming hand coding or costly and complex Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) solutions. Both of these solutions leave considerable gaps in the data migration process and create an unnecessary burden of risk for the customer.

Experian Pandora is different. It was built from the ground up by experienced data migration practitioners who recognise the key to success lies in ensuring every phase of the data migration is enabled through a single platform, delivering next-generation performance, with a methodology the entire team can collaborate on.

Why use Experian Pandora for data migration?

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A complete solution

Featuring migration scoping, data profiling, data discovery, data quality, mapping discovery, prototyping, migration execution, post-migration assurance and archival. Experian Pandora is a total migration solution.

Zero administration

Unlike other tools, Experian Pandora has a correlation repository that eliminates the need for costly staging areas and administration. It installs in minutes and runs on your existing commodity hardware. 

Built-in Data Quality capabilities

Data migration demands a comprehensive data quality strategy. Experian Pandora provides Data Profiling, Rule Discovery, Data Quality Measurement, Improvement and Control - all in one unified application.

Long term ROI

Experian Pandora delivers value far beyond the initial data migration project. With a data quality platform established, you can protect target data assets indefinitely, driving far greater ROI than other solutions.

Agile delivery

Experian Pandora supports iterative deployments through its unique Migration Prototyping feature. Allow your team to predict the impact of design changes and deliver earlier value to the business.

PDM2 Certified

Experian Pandora has recently been certified for use on data migration projects by Practical Data Migration. The only industry standard methodology for data migration. PDM has aided thousands of projects worldwide deliver on time, on budget, zero defect migrations.

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Study the latest best practices in data migration methodology and technology from leading independent data migration experts.

How can Experian Pandora help your data migration?

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Taking a test drive is the best way to learn. In the demo, our data quality experts will:

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