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Thrive in an increasingly regulated world

Solutions and services to support your compliance-driven data management initiatives

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Moving beyond regulatory compliance

Businesses increasingly need to meet the demands of data regulations as the granularity of information required to satisfy regulators rises. With ever-growing volumes of data, meeting these requirements is not always straightforward.

In fact, 68% of businesses across all industries believe that increasing volumes of data make it difficult to meet their regulatory requirements, per our 2018 Global Data Quality research study.

We have products, services and solutions designed to help support and exceed your regulatory commitments from KYC to AML to GDPR.

Experian Aperture Data Studio

To satisfy regulators and champion the privacy of the consumer, Experian Aperture Data Studio allows your team to model each data regulation as a set of data quality rules that can be shared across the business and executed on-demand. 

This allows compliance teams to respond to regulatory requests in a timely and accurate manner while delivering governance and quality improvement for everyday operations.

Other features & benefits include:

Enforce standards across data stewards and providers

Shared workflows

Feed the best data to operational processes and analytics

Easily create transferable, repeatable custom rules to demonstrate stewardship over reported data

Standardize data preparation workflows to eliminate error

Ensure regulatory reporting is accurate and on time

Accurately create a single customer view of your data - giving you greater customer insight

Work on all your data – no inaccuracies caused by sampling

A highly secure, two-way encrypted repository

Role-based permissions determined by you

Masking & obfuscation

Recognising that existing data protection laws were insufficient to manage how data is being governed in today’s digital world – the EU drafted a comprehensive new set of regulations, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It includes several new and increased obligations that all organisations holding EU citizen data must adhere to. It focuses heavily on protecting individuals and their data, through greater transparency and trust.

At Experian, we believe the GDPR presents a positive opportunity to move up the data maturity curve by improving the way you organise and process your data; increasing the value you get from it and reinforcing customer-centric business practices that are essential in our data-driven age.

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