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Single Customer View

Essential for any data-driven business. We can help.

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What are the benefits of a Single Customer View?

Single Customer View

Improved customer engagement

Linking customer data to benefit from an accurate, holistic view of any one customer across different channels and lines of business

Improved decision making

Utilise data insights to make optimum strategic decisions with trusted data

Operational efficiencies

Save time, money and empower your organisation to capitalise on a multitude of new opportunities

Key stages of the SCV service

Discovery: Identify risks, understand environments, build business case

Scoping: Map processes, outline solution design, create statement of works

Data Integration: Transform data into required formats, automate loading process for files

Data Quality: Clean, validate, standardise and suppress records whilst identifying duplicates

Single Customer View: Identify data store, append PINs, import unique records into SCV data store

Enrich: Append additional data to customer records for segmentation purposes

Deliver: Deploy solution to live environment, integrate with analytical tools and operational service delivery teams.

How has a SCV helped other organisations?

Experian Data Quality helps the AA achieve a single customer view across its financial services and breakdown assistance services

"The Experian Data Quality solution has also increased our marketable customer base by about 1 million contacts, as we only market to people with a verified address."

Graeme McDermott,
Customer Insight and Data Manager, AA

Read The AA case study

AA case study - single customer view


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  • We take time to understand the scope of your requirements
  • Stages tailored to your organisation’s need
  • Targeting and segmentation of profitable customers
  • Improved decision making and ROI
  • Confidence in your data
  • Improved customer service and customer retention

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