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Data Matching

How Data Matching works

By finding connections between data elements, such as name and address, our data matching software quickly removes all duplicates from your database. It has a powerful matching engine that identifies linked or similar records that contain keyboard errors, missing words, extra words, nicknames or multicultural name variations.

Experian Data Quality’s data matching software uses fuzzy matching and multicultural intelligence to find similarities within personal and business data sets. Unlike other products that look for exact matches, we use multiple search algorithms in order to find the most matches possible regardless of exact spelling or sequencing.

Technical information

Data matching software from Experian Data Quality offers industry-leading speed, reliability and ease of use. With the ability to provide fast and accurate matches on multiple fields within a database, this deduplication solution was built with its end users in mind. Its robust architecture allows for customization of matching criteria, searching techniques, integration approaches, phonetic algorithms, rule sets and more.

  • Integration into your applications and databases to instantly determine if a new record is a duplicate through the use of fuzzy searching and phonetic matching functionality
  • Fast performance batch-processing engine that is used for duplicate identification and merge/purge operations
  • Name and address matching for business and consumer records

Benefits of Data Matching

By utilising duplicate identification software, you can better consolidate records for performance efficiency, enhanced business intelligence and improved database integrity. Without data consolidation, customer information is spread across multiple records, dividing intelligence and making it challenging to produce meaningful connections with consumers across channels. Creating a single customer view is a key step for any data-driven business.


Why should you find out more about Data Matching?

  • Identification of the most possible matches through fuzzy and phonetic recognition
  • Standardisation of data from disparate sources with various formatting
  • Cleansing and deduplication on name, address, phone number, email or other identifiers
  • Extremely adaptable and customisable solution
  • Help from Experian Data Quality with analysing your results

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