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Product migration

Making all transitions smooth and efficient


We want you to gain the most from our continual improvement of the Experian Data Quality products and data sets you are already using. Our new product migration procedure helps to make your transition from one offering to another smoother and on your own schedule.

As new products are released, older versions are gradually withdrawn; a process that doesn’t always run side-by-side with your own plans for upgrade and integration.

When one of our products or data sets is withdrawn or superseded by a new version, Experian Data Quality will publish advance End of Service Life (EOSL) notices to all affected customers.

To help you transition smoothly onto our latest product / version at your convenience, we now offer free-of-charge* Migration Development Licenses. These allow you to explore and implement the new product alongside the existing one. Where applicable, we may also offer the option to extend the support on the old product / version for a set period of time.

Business Benefits

  • Migration Planning
    Taking advantage of the Product Migration process will help your company to coordinate upgrades and migrations with your own schedule of works.
  • Hands-On Assistance
    If you need more hands-on assistance with your migration journey, our Professional Services team are also available to provide you with guidance and proactive migration support.
  • Advance Notification
    We will contact you in advance whenever a product or data set you use is due to be withdrawn and advise you on the most appropriate replacements.
  • Better Product Experience
    We use our customers' feedback to improve our products for them. By running the latest versions of our products and data, you can be sure you're benefitting from those improvements.

For more information go to: or call us on: 0207 819 5760

* Excludes product upgrades with significant additional functionality