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Email List Validation

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4 quick steps to cleaner, safer data

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*Business email data may show a large percentage of ‘unknown’ records because of the type of domain they tend to use. See the section titled ‘What are unknowns?

What will it cost to clean my email?

More than 1 million records?

Give us a call on 0800 197 7920 and we'll be happy to offer you a personalised plan.

What will my free email validation summary report look like?

How secure is my data?

  • All data is stored in an encrypted format and all communication takes place over a secure HTTPS connection
  • Your cleaned data will be returned to you with its status appended, however no data is removed or modified at any point
  • The data will never be repurposed, resold or used for marketing activity


What are unknowns?

What does unknown mean?

There are certain email addresses which do not provide a definitive validation result, from any email validation method and from any service, irrespective of the username of the address.

As part of our service we can determine that an email domain exists, is live and is sending and receiving mail. However with unknowns we can’t confirm the username is valid and therefore they should be treated differently from other valid email addresses.

These are typically emails from businesses, government, healthcare and educational institutions.

What does unknown mean?

Are they still useful?


Absolutely, there is still a lot of value to be taken from this type of email.

Unfortunately no email validation service can distinguish unknowns from valid addresses with 100% certainty. However there will be a strong number of valid addresses in this category that can be used for marketing purposes.

They just need to be handled in a slightly different fashion to the other definitive categories, in order to sieve through the good and bad email types. 



Are unknowns still useful?

What should I do with them?

Unknowns should be handled slightly differently to the other classifications.

We recommend drip-feeding emails from the unknown category into your email campaigns in small batches.

You can then remove the email addresses that bounce when the campaign is sent and be left with valid email addresses to include on an on-going basis.

As they are only included in small batches, any bounces will have a negligible impact on inbox placement and sender reputation and therefore the success of your email campaign.

What should I do with unknowns?

From April 1st 2018, this self-service online Email Validation will no longer be available.

Don't worry though - we can still keep your email data accurate and up-to-date.

Our Bulk Email Cleaning managed service allows you to clean your email data on an ad-hoc basis and is an ideal alternative to the online service. 

Find out more about the service.