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What is data validation?

Data validation is the process of looking through a data set for inconsistencies or incorrect information.

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So, what is data validation used for?

It’s used to improve data quality by filtering out inaccurate information. Higher-quality data can save you time, money, and a few headaches along the way.

For example, you hosted a large event and asked attendees to write down their names, home addresses, and email addresses. You then spent several hours entering that data into your contacts. You should have all the information you need to start an email campaign, right?

Not so fast.

What if someone put down their street address but accidentally used the wrong city? What if you made a typo in an email address?

Data validation helps remove inaccurate addresses, emails, and phone numbers from your contacts.

Data Validation Techniques

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when you dive into data validation techniques. The simplest method is to use an automated system to do the heavy lifting for you. Automated data verification systems are easier to use and are often more accurate than manual verification.

Let’s explore two common types of automated data validation tools:

Batch Validation

Batch contact data validation involves cleaning up an existing list, such as an email list. You upload your list into the validation software and it goes to work for you. You’ll get back a list of the validated data and any inaccuracies the program finds.

Real-Time Data Validation

Where batch validation cleans up existing data, real-time validation helps keeps your list accurate when new data is added. As someone adds data to the list, the real-time verification API checks the new information immediately. The system can then let you know if the data is valid or not. For example, a website user signs up for an email list but mistypes their email address. The real-time validation API checks the address and lets the user know their email isn’t valid so the user can correct the mistake right away.

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Types of contact data validation

Going through and manually checking contact data is almost impossible when you’ve got a long list of addresses, emails, and phone numbers. Data validation tools save you time by automating the verification process.

Three ways data validation helps businesses

Verifying contacts gets you valuable, accurate contact data about your customers. It can also help your business thrive, with benefits like:

  1. Cost savings: Validation helps you avoid spending money on contacts that’ll never see your message, such as sending mail to an undeliverable address.
  2. Increased efficiency: Your team will spend less time contacting invalid addresses—and less time manually cleaning up inaccurate lists.
  3. Better customer experience: Quality data makes it easier to contact the right customers on the right channels. Your customers are more likely to get your messages, making them feel connected and informed.

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Make data-driven decisions

Data-driven decisions are only as good as the quality of the data that guides them. When it comes to effective customer communication, marketing, and loyalty, it all starts with accurate data. We can help you get there and help your business leverage data enrichment more effectively for precise targeting. Our comprehensive customer data management programs that help our clients maintain the accuracy of their customer records and reduce the errors and additional costs associated with bad customer data.