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View country specific information about all Experian Data Quality datasets.

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What is data expiry?

  • Experian’s on premise products use datasets that are 'timestamped' to expire after a fixed amount of time, ensuring that the data is never out of date. To keep the reference data current, Experian carry out data expiry and update processes throughout the year. 
  • If your data has expired and you haven’t updated the data you use, it may appear that your Experian product has stopped working. 
  • You will need to perform a data update using the latest available data.

What is data vintage?

  • Data vintage is the release date of a particular dataset.
  • Additional datasets and DataPlus sets can only be used in conjunction with the related core datasets when they are of the same vintage. For example, if you are licensed to use GBR Address data and GBN Names data, these must be of the same vintage to work. 
  • You must activate all related additional datasets at the same time as the core dataset, otherwise this may render your Experian applications unusable.