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Address Cleaning

The contact information in your database is constantly decaying and keeping it clean should be a key business objective. We have a robust range of address cleaning solutions to help you ensure the addresses you hold, whether they’re UK or global are clean and accurate. 

How address cleaning works

How can you bulk clean addresses?

Why choose bulk address cleaning?

  • Corrects inaccurate elements and recodes those that have changed
  • Includes missing address elements
  • Ensures consistent formatting of addresses and corrects typos.
  • Cleans both UK and international addresses

Experian Data Quality has been brilliant. Solutions not only meet our operational objectives, they also bring efficiencies that cut costs. We target the right people at the right time with the right message through the right channel: and by doing more with less in the back-office, a greater proportion of donations can now go to Samaritans’ frontline services where we really need it.

Debbie Harland Data Systems Manager, Samaritans

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