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International Address Verification

for websites and lists of contact data

A+ Street or Building coverage for more than 98% of the country A Street, Building or Block coverage for major parts of the country B Locality and Postal Code (where used)

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Address Verification Features

International address verification is the best way to ensure the accuracy of your addresses and reduce mailing problems based on incorrect customer data. The right international address lookup tools will help you to have the right address for each customer the first time and cut down on delivery mistakes.

International Address verification from Experian Data Quality:

  • Includes real time validation for websites or bulk processing for lists.
  • Standardizes addresses to conform to a countries local format.
  • Has data completion for addresses missing post code.
  • Offers a database of 240 data sets from countries across the world. 
  • Combines primary address data from national postal authorities with partner-supplied data for increased accuracy.