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Address verification

  • Using the latest USPS data, verify a physical address in real-time or in batch for only the most accurate address data.

Phone verification

  • Ensure that you can reach customers and other contacts by phone or SMS, while staying compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Email verification

  • Check your emails in real-time or in batch and apply sender reputation scores to identify any invalid or fraudulent emails, avoiding unwanted bounces and missed communications.

Data management platform

  • Utilize our best-practice tools to support each stage of a comprehensive data quality workflow through market leading profiling, discovery, validation, de-duplication, and enrichment for your of data.

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The functionality is used consistently across our site, it integrates well in our platform and in our apps, and it just works.

Chris Dooley - Executive Director of Digital & Retail, Shiseido